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Elevate your lifestyle with tailored dog training

Unleash the potential of your pup and cultivate the life you deserve!

What challenges do you face with your dog?

 - Are leash walks a constant challenge due to pulling, lunging, or reactive behavior?
- Do you face difficulties in managing your dog's energy levels and preventing boredom-related issues?
- Are you struggling in establishing clear communication and understanding with your dog?

Not training or addressing these problems can lead to stress, exhaustion, strain on your relationship with your dog, or maybe have you pulling your hair out. 

Dog training can be time consuming, frustrating, and demanding, but it doesn't have to be! 

It can be overwhelming with the amount of resources and cookie-cutter programs available, which may or may not address you and your dog's individualistic needs. 

Moody Mutts is here to help you create the life you want and DESERVE with your dog!

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Individualized Solutions

We recognize that every dog is an individual, and our approach reflects this understanding, ensuring a training plan that aligns with your dog's specific challenges and goals.


Effective Communication

Strengthening your ability to communicate effectively is the cornerstone of successful training, creating a bond built on trust and mutual understanding.

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Lasting Results

Gain the skills and insights you need for lasting success and harmony in your partnership with your dog!


You and your dog deserve the best life together

From being your couch potato companion, to your mountain climbing rover, your dog is your best friend. I understand what it's like to face the never ending list of challenges that fall under being a dog owner, and being overwhelmed. 


I believe in building more than just trained dogs—I'm passionate about cultivating genuine connections between you and your dog. My approach to dog training is rooted in a commitment to the overall well-being of your pup.


I'm not just here to teach obedience; I'm here to guide you in understanding your dog's unique needs and behaviors.

Tales from the Pack


Annie V.

"I felt anxious and ashamed before Moose went to training - he would bark and lunge at other dogs and I struggled to maintain control of him. I couldn't get him to listen to me for anything if he locked on to another dog, or frankly, anything else that he was interested in. Now, he regularly gets mistaken for a working dog because of his great manners and brilliant obedience skills. I can take him just about anywhere that I want, and now he is getting to live the most fulfilling, and exciting life possible!

Alexandria S.

"Since training with Jaymie, our dog’s anxiety has decreased. If anxiety does set in, the time to return to normal is much shorter. Jaymie not only trains the dog, they train the person behind the leash. I’m more confident in helping my dog than ever. This is life-changing for her and us. It increases her quality of life so much. "

How to Get Started with Dog Training

Schedule a Consultation

Get Customized Training Package

Start Dog Training

Whether you're in the hustlin' and bustlin' streets of downtown Annapolis, or the sprawling farm lands of Southern Maryland, you and your dog deserve the best life together! 

No ifs, ands or buts, about it! Life is stressful enough. A dog that you can trust to walk politely by your side, ignoring the dogs across the street who are losing their minds at you. Or a dog that you can sit on a patio with at your favorite brewery. Or a dog that can be reliably off leash, and come back, while you're on your on the trails. You deserve it.

Achieving those things can be difficult and overwhelming to face on your own - fret not, Moody Mutts was established with the average dog lover in mind. With a deep understanding of dogs and their needs, our goal is to enhance your life together with dog training. 

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